I Am a Spiritual Nomad

Journeying to the Goddess

The journey between what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life literally takes place.” ~  Barbara DeAngelis

So, here I am…on another journey of discovery.  I’ve just recently signed up to participate in Dianne Sylvan’s 6 week e-course entitled “Spiritual Nomads”.  I am Pagan Proud – I absolutely love Paganism and the personal freedom to be who I truly am.  I love the tolerance and acceptance I’ve found within the Pagan community.  And most importantly, I LOVE the Goddess!

The path that I follow is not an easy path at times.  You do have to think for yourself and use your own common sense and moral compass as there are no set laws in stone that says “Thou shall do this” or “Thou shalt not do that”.  There is no forgiveness to absolve you of your sins…only Karma, The Three-Fold Law…

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