Reflections During the Dark Moon

So, I’ve been meaning to sit down and write a little bit this past two weeks since the last Full Moon, but things picked up and got really busy (and rightfully so – ’tis the season with spring right around the corner and work to be done to prepare for the coming year!).  I’ve started back taking 2 online college courses and we’ve started growing vegetables, essentially turning our dining room into a greenhouse, LoL!   More on that I think in a later post – but here’s a sneak peak…

Lots and lots of veggies!

Lots and lots of veggies!

So I figured – what better way to spend the Dark Moon than reflecting on the happenings and workings since the last Full Moon in preparation for the New Moon?  Like I said, a lot of good stuff set into motion since the last Full Moon.  If you recall in my post in Journeying to the Goddess on this year’s Snow Moon, I stated that “NOW is the time to cleanse and re-balance before the Full Moon in Virgo on February 25th.”  Yeah, I made sure I did just that.  I felt that it was imperative if I was really serious about healing issues deeply imbedded in my Shadow self that have been affecting me pretty much my whole life and moving forward with a healthy and positive outlook on life and with current relationships, and future relationships for that matter.

It all started out with a message received through Witchvox (YES!  Witchvox strikes again! 🙂 ).  I was invited out to a “Brewing Pot” meeting (kind of like a Pagan Night Out/meet and greet/discussion group with open and like minded people) in mid-February at the Celestial Azul Healing & Wellness Center in Columbus, GA.  I met some really fascinating people and was inspired by the lady who hosted the Brewing Pot’s information and advice about February’s full moon.  I called her the next day to schedule a Chakra Balancing session on Sunday, the only day I could do – which turned out that Sundays were the only days that she did the Energy Balancings – cool!

After a half hour session of energy balancing, talking and some wonderful advice on how to proceed with the healing process that involved candle work, I felt nervous, anxious, kind of spiritually high; yet strangely calm and satisfied knowing that I had taken a real first step in preparing to work with and fully utilize the energies of the upcoming Full Moon.  A few days later, I was back at Celestial Azul Healing & Wellness Center for a really neat Full Moon ritual.  Then, the next day it was off to a local International Caribbean market to pick up some suggested novena candles for some much needed spellwork.  I’ve always liked using candles in spellwork – in fact, my main medium when I actually do any spellwork is candle magic; but I’ve never worked with novena candles or any type of rootwork for that matter.  The magic is pretty amazing and I can honestly say pretty powerful.

Novena candles

Different types of novena candles

Here are some videos that I found helpful in preparing for and working with novena candles:

Love spell 7-day Candle by AnthosArtifex

How to dress a novena style/7 day candle by Oseaana December

How to fix or dress a 7 day candle by Krazyboytx

If you do any type of candle magic, seriously do some research and check into this to see if there’s anything that resonates with you or that you feel may improve your spellwork.


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