Herbs Are Here!

So, as you know, I’ve started all the vitamins – the headaches went away within about 5 days of starting the vitamins and re-starting up the Diatomaceous earth (DE).  Again, I’m not sure if the headaches were a result of my old neck injury, the DE (which I’ve read some people do experience as well as flu like symptoms when they start detoxing as your body tries to rid itself of stored toxins) or even the incense that I give as offerings.  The rest of my herbs came in today that I had ordered from Vitacost which includes:

More Traditional Medicinals Every Day Detox Tea (x2/day)

Christopher’s Chaste Tree Berries (Vitex) 400mg  (as directed)

Wise Essential Wild Yam and Progesterone Cream (that I’ll be starting during next cycle)

Nature’s Way Don Quai Root (as directed)

Ashwagandha Complex 578 mg (as directed)

Nature’s Herbs Cats Claw (as directed)

YS Eco Bee Farms Triple Bee Complex Royal Jelly Bee Pollen Propolis (as directed)

Tumeric Extract 800 mg (as directed)


I’ve decided to cut out the Evening Primrose for now until I do more research on it as I’ve read good and not so great stuff about it and endometriosis.

A lot of pills to take, yes, I know.  But I will tell you this – since I’ve started the vitamins and cut out some of the other foods (to include coffee 😦 ) I feel amazing!  I’m sleeping better, I’m more relaxed and able to handle stress better and just feel all around more healthy.  We’ll see what happens now that I’ve incorporated these herbs.


2 thoughts on “Herbs Are Here!

  1. Have you looked into roasted dandelion root as an alternative to coffee? I have yet to try it, but I’ve been saving and dehydrating them for my own use. Sarah Lawless uses them sometimes and they’re supposed to taste similar. I doubt they have the same caffeinated impact, but the taste could be what you need mentally! Is tea ok?

    • I miss that caffeine! LoL! And yes, that vanilla coffee taste…but I’ve grown quite found of the Yogi Detox tea and the Traditional Medicinals Everyday Lemon Detox tea. I really like the Yogi before bedtime 🙂 Will have to look into roasted dandelion root because I’m sure that is super good for you!

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