Good News So Far

Well, after an ultrasound on Wednesday, PCOS was pretty much ruled out by the tech.  There was one cyst on my left ovary that she noted, measuring 3cm (the biggest one so far) that she believed to be a hemorrhagic cyst and not PCOS – as she explained with a person who has PCOS, the cysts would look like strings of pearls wrapped around the ovaries.  I only wonder if this is the same cyst that has been giving me problems since December or is a new forming every month?  And if there is a new one every month, why?

My mammogram results also came back yesterday – normal!  I have another doctor’s appointment at the end of the month – which is good because it’ll give me more time to prepare and gather information together to bring to the doctor’s office incase I’m given a bit of a hard time about rejecting Depo-Provera and taking the all-natural route.


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