I’m Back!


Hey all!  Been trying to get back on here and start up writing and journaling again.  As some of you who know me personally, it’s been one hell of a time since the end of February! A little background here – at the beginning of February, everything was going along fine.  I attended a beautiful Imbolc ritual sponsored by the Church of the Spiral Tree (CST) with my Kindred out on the land in Roxanna, AL.  It was a ritual having us to look back upon where we’d been, where we’d like to be, and what would be needed to be done in order to achieve those goals.  I thought I had everything planned out –  a healthy pregnancy, picture perfect delivery, managing my time, and starting back going to school in the Fall.  I was going to do everything “right” this time around; to do and have things that I had wanted to have and have done during my previous 2 pregnancies that I had wished for.  I was busy planning, shopping and “nesting”, interviewing doulas, setting up birthing altar…I was so proud of myself!  I was making things happen and even standing up for myself and fulfilling my needs against what my husband thought was “best for me” (which is very hard being codependent and married to someone who I believe has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder).  But, I guess the Universe had other plans for me…

Later that month, on February 28, I went to Labor & Delivery at my hospital because I had felt decreased fetal movements the previous night and none that I could feel that morning.  After being monitored all day, a decision was made that evening to deliver my baby at 31 weeks via emergency Caesarean section and was immediately transferred to the NICU at another hospital.  The whole experience brought me to Hel and back if you will – the hardest and most difficult Descent that I’ve ever had to go through in my life, bringing me to where I am today; so please be patient and bear with me… 🙂


Cailleach Went Down to Georgia

On January 28, 2014, Cailleach made a special appearance in Georgia.  Apparently the last time a “storm” of this magnitude hit Georgia was back around January 9, 2011 and happens roughly every 4 years or so – so we were especially lucky to be here when it hit, LOL!  Now, me, being from Central New York, just kind of watched all the madness and craziness unfold and thought to myself, “Really?”


But to be fair, they’re not prepared for this sort of weather and don’t have the fleet of plows and stock piles of salt that we take for granted in the North.


Here are some photos from Cailleach’s visit:

photo 21

Backyard on Jan. 28, 2014 at about 5PM


photo 22

Down the street at about 9PM later that night

Neighbors were out playing in the snow, attempting to sled and creep around the streets – amazed and in awe at the natural and wonderful gifts Cailleach had dropped on us.  The kids and I could barely wait to go out the next day and play in the powdery Winter Wonderland – remembering our times back in Upstate New York the previous year.  That night I left offerings of fruit muffins out for Cailleach and the Nature Spirits and Land Wights who I’m sure were a little confused…

Offering to Cailleach

Offering to Cailleach – taken Jan. 29, 2014


photo 3

Offering for the Nature Spirits that seemed to have been accepted 😉 – Jan. 29, 2014


photo 5

A little piece of wildness outside our house with a natural altar I’m contemplating utilizing as Sacred Space…. – Jan. 29, 2014

Now, this feels more like Imbolc!

photo 4

Jan. 29, 2014

We enjoyed the snow while it lasted for about a whole 2 days….soon, it will begin to feel like Ostara again…

Keeping Thor in Thursday

For the holidays, my husband got me an Amazon gift card because he knows how much I LOVE books!  So, about a week ago, I started scouring my wishlist and putting that bad boy to use!  I’ve also been feeling a pull towards Mjölnir.  With my ever-growing interest in and continued development of a Heathen spiritual practice, I guess it’s only natural that I’d feel drawn to start examining Mjölnir as a magical tool and personal protection amulet.

Today (Thursday), both pendants I ordered came in the mail (appropriate on Thor’s Day) and I couldn’t be happier with them.  I cleansed and consecrated them with salt water and Dragon’s Blood incense and said a short prayer to Thor, asking him to bless them and keep me and those who ride in my vehicle safe – as the larger one’s purpose is to hang in my vehicle on my rear view mirror and the one with the three horses is my personal amulet.

photo 4

I really liked the Raven Head Hammer – obviously, and with my personal attraction to the Horse, I thought it very fitting for a personal amulet.  It also looked smaller and felt slightly more feminine to me.

photo 5

The Skane Raven Head Hammer on the left was modeled after an original discovery in Skane, Sweden from the year 1000. The Hammer on the right could be interpreted as Sleipnir incorporated into the design. Taken 1/9/2014

I ordered a tri-colored braided horse hair necklace, similar to the one I have my Epona pendant on, to replace the cheap black cord that the Horse pendant came with.