2014 – Year of the Horse


Ha!  So, speaking of the Horse – come to find out, 2014 is the year of the Horse in the Chinese zodiac!  Here is a great little read from http://www.cycleharmony.com entitled, “7 Goddess Powers to Jump Start 2014” by Jing J.

“It’s the beginning of a new year – 2014, the year of horse. In religion, mythology and literature, horse represents our inner strength and driving force in life. It also symbolizes our ability to overcome obstacles in life and pursue our goals no matter what may stand on our way.

It’s time to let go of self-defeating thoughts, shed off self-limiting beliefs, and remove barriers to positive changes.

It’s time to uncover who we truly are, express our creativity and authenticity, and unleash our goddess powers from within.

It’s time to stay centered and grounded, and walk confidently in the direction of our dreams.

It’s time to deepen the relationship with ourselves and the relationships with one another – to expand our global community of Cycle Harmony sisterhood!

Because we’re goddesses who can no longer be denied – by ourselves, or by others.

Here are the 7 super powers we all have as goddesses!

The power to love

It’s time to love others for sure. But it’s time to love ourselves even more. When the light of self-love shines on the goddess, she smiles, blossoms, and warms up everything and everyone around her.

Someone once said, when a man changes, he changes himself. When a woman changes, she changes a family and an entire nation. So love yourself. Because when you do, you’re doing it not only for yourself, but for everyone within your sphere of influence.

The power to enjoy

When the goddess plays and has a good time, everything falls into place, easily and effortlessly. When things get too hard, it’s a reminder to take a break, play a little and have some fun. The power of the goddess allows things to flow and take their course – with ease and grace.

The power to express

One of the goddess’ great powers is to know herself, to express herself authentically and unapologetically. And when she does, people rise up to meet her – and to honor her.

The power to create

The goddess has great powers to create – whether it’s a new life, a painting, a book, or a business. She is a magician who brings to life what she sees in her mind’s eye, and she manifests the glorious life she has imagined in her mind.

The power to heal

The goddess is a natural born healer. She knows that whatever pain or illness she’s experiencing, she can heal herself by calling upon her magnificent body and powerful mind.

The power to connect

The goddess knows that she is connected with the divine – the infinite, the ageless, and the unlimited. So she gives herself time and space to meditate and rest in the stillness, silence and spaciousness. Her connection with the divine and with herself enables her to connect with everything and everyone around her.

The power to give back

The goddess loves to share, to give back and to help others. She knows that when she helps others, she inevitably helps herself, since we’re all connected and we’re all part of one big family.

Which of the goddess’ powers would you like to cultivate and strengthen in 2014? Please come and join our community of goddesses. We are all on paths to uncover and unleash our own magnificent powers – and to support one another on our journeys…”

Retrieved from http://www.cycleharmony.com/menstrual-myths-and-rituals/7-goddess-powers-to-jump-start-2013


Or, if Unicorns are more your style, celebrate the year of the Unicorn!  MYTH Masque says: “This is a time of creative renewal, of wild inspiration and visionary aspirations…a time to tailor your reality to your own grand design. If you are a Dreamer and a Do-er, an Artist and a Myth-maker, this is the year your Legend comes to light. Of course, seeing such things to fruition cannot happen without an incredible amount of dedication and hard work–but know, now more than ever…it is possible.”